Groundation--See Wednesday
Groundation--See Wednesday

The Five Best Shows in OC This Week: Nov. 12-16

Groundation--See Wednesday
Groundation--See Wednesday

Monday, November 12

Future Fix

Bands in Orange County often start out as a bunch of buddies sitting around in a garage. Many, unfortunately, sound pretty similar--adhering to a style as common as tight jeans in a coffee shop. But sometimes, a group of friends come together and find something special and unique--an experimentation of sound that just works. And indie rockers Evan Ambrose, Aaron Andersen and Arie Tidwell of the indie-rock band Future Fix found that musical equation. So if you're curious to hear what three guys from OC concocted in their basement, your ear palates are pining for something unexpected, or if you're interested in rocking out so hard that Monday feels like a Friday, come out for Future Fix's November residency and check out an OC band who sound like something, well, new. -- Joe Lapin

Tuesday, November 13

Phil Shane 

Like parasites on a large whale, cover bands thrive in any city with bars. But with so many choices out there, it's hard to know which is worth risking alcohol poisoning and a DUI for. Take our word for it, the premier performer of cover jams is the self-proclaimed one-man legend

Phil Shane

. Flamboyant, sequined and capable of singing on-key, Shane takes requests and busts out the schlock rock with reckless abandon. Perfect mood music for a night out with friends.

--Brandon Ferguson

Wednesday, November 14


Spiritual roots reggae band Groundation stops by the Yost Theater while traveling on their Building An Ark World Tour 2012. The California-bred, nine-piece group fuses the fiery sounds of Latin and African rhythms with soulful jazz and funk to create a reggae sound that's as passionate as it is peaceful. Their new album is considered "a vessel by which this community can come together and weather the rough and rising seas that are to come," and with fans from all over the world who vibe to their message of unity and harmony, if Groundation is excellent at anything, it's bringing folks together. So head out to Santa Ana this Thursday night and feel the love. --Erin DeWitt

Thursday, November 15

Crystal Antlers

In case you missed the Target commercial featuring their song "10,000 Watts of Christmas Cheer," Crystal Antlers specialize in a moody brand of noise rock. Be sure to check out their video for the song "Summer Solstice," which lovingly features footage of their hometown Long Beach. --Brandon Ferguson

Friday, November 16

The Birthday Massacre

The Birthday Massacre rock a sound reminiscent of 90s electro rock bands such as Orgy, or a less threatening Nine Inch Nails. Hailing from Toronto they've recorded six albums. Like Nine Inch Nails they often abbreviate their name, TBM. --Brandon Ferguson

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