The Car Crash Set

BOB DYLAN's 1966 motorcycle wreck capped off his noisy electric years, arguably the best of his career, and put him out of commission for 18 months. The new Dylan (as heard on John Wesley Harding) was kinder, gentler, quieter and drove a lot slower.

GENE VINCENT crashed his motorcycle in 1955, permanently damaging his left leg. With his career in America coming to an end, Vincent moved to England, where an alcoholic one-hit wonder with a metal brace can still carve out a living.

STEVIE WONDER sustained serious injuries from a car crash in 1973 that left him in a coma for four days. When he awoke, he had lost his sense of smell, leading people to ask themselves, "How much does God hate Stevie Wonder?"

RICK ALLEN, the drummer for Def Leppard, was involved in a serious car accident in Sheffield, England, on New Year's Eve 1984. When Allen was thrown from the car, his left arm was severed at the shoulder. Despite the loss of a limb, Allen continued drumming and soon became the only reason people still remember Def Leppard.

JAN BERRY, famous for "Surf City" and "Dead Man's Curve," crashed his Stingray into the back of a parked car on a side street in Beverly Hills in 1966. The accident left him slightly paralyzed on the right side, and Berry would not sing again for five years. Had the accident not happened, there's no telling how many more Jan Berry songs would be playing at the entrance to California Adventure.


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