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The Best Local Metal Shows in March

Wow, has it really only been two months into 2017? So far, if you’re sick of politics, and are enjoying the fact that the sun is going to be out later, make sure to indulge yourself in some of the many metal concerts coming in March to the OC/Long Beach and surrounding region. We’ve got everything from death core, thrash, crossover, doom, stoner metal and even nu metal. Here are our top picks for this month’s best metal shows. Horns up!

Korn at House of Blues in Anaheim
March 6

So, finally, Anaheim gets a newly revamped House of Blues. Aside from the media coverage, one of the cool things about a new venue, is having a huge band like Korn play an intimate show for fans. Performing two sold out consecutive shows (including their gig last night, which you can read about here), the band is going to make the place explode with massive waves of energy and swarms of bodies flailing and jumping to the music. Intense and deep, the music will be felt in the chests and bones of everyone there, Korn have been doing their thing for now almost 25 years. This is a band that at the time, took a sound that had been experimented with and elevated it to a new level, launching the nu-metal scene and putting the city of Bakersfield on the map. Over the years, lead singer Jonathan Davis has exposed his deepest fears, demons and inner conflict, pain and more in his lyrics, and the music behind these tormented tails can bring listeners and concert goers into a catharsis. Korn will surely play a diverse set list that represents all of their career, from the classic 1994 self titled debut to the latest, Serenity of Suffering.

Cro Mags at Alex's Bar
March 22

When it comes to aggressive, fast and powerful music and the true spirit of '80s hardcore punk/crossover not many do it better than Cro Mags, still a force to be reckoned with in the extreme live music scene. For some reason, the pissed off, violent urgency of this band has only gotten more intense over the past three decades. Expect for the intimate space of Alex’s Bar to be packed like a can of sardines, and be ready to be in a circle pit within that can, because it will most assuredly go off.

Kreator with Obituary and Midnight at the Observatory
March 25

Fans of thrash and speed metal, this is a band you do not want to miss. The mighty German band Kreator are known around the globe as purveyors of sardonic and destructive thrash metal, played with speed, might, grit and precision. Dark, brutal in sound and imagery, the band will bring it’s hellish music to Santa Ana, where fans will get a pummeling of the body, soul and ear drums. Malicious, fast, and full of force, expect people to slam. Plus, as if the headliners weren’t good enough, Florida death metal legends Obituary will open the show by ripping as many faces off as they can with their caustic and morbid, yet rhythmic music. Also, be sure to catch Midnight a band blending evil sounds of black metal, thrash and death metal into one creative interpretation of metal.

Chelsea Grin at the Glass House
March 26

Comprised of singer Alex Koehler, bassist David Flinn, and drummer Pablo Vivers-Segura, deathcore band Chelsea Grin also includes in its ranks a trio of guitarists, Jason Richardson, Jaek Harmond, and Dan Jones, who crank our riffs and layers of heaviness that are steeped in death metalcore energy and speed. This special tour will include sets from Ice Nine Kills, Gideon and Enterprise Earth.

Katatonia at the Glass House
March 31

Formed in 1991, Katatonia launched into a sound that was a more melancholy doom/death metal vibe. They helped usher in a sensible mix of Swedish metal that was distinctly its own, even though it has been duplicated by many but replicated by few. With nine studio albums, and two decades worth of touring all around Europe, North and South America, Katatonia are ready to tour in America again, this time with the help of Caspian and Uncured.

Fu Manchu with 16 and Yidhra at Alex's Bar
March 31

Rock fans in Long Beach will get a healthy dose of stoner rock and doom as Southern California natives, stoner rock band Fu Manchu perform at Alex’s Bar. Expect a lot of long hairs, biker jackets, denim vests and contact high from the residual pot smoke. Also playing, local sludge metal band 16, and occult obsessed stoner doom band Yidhra. This is going to be long, slow deep and thunderous, get ready to zone out and light a spliff to really absorb the ravenous riffs.


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