GZA--see Friday
GZA--see Friday

The Best Five Shows in OC This Week

Monday, September 24
Pawn Shop Kings
The Constellation Room

A unique musical style often comes from superior talent and vision, though it can also be a product of geographical diversity. Case in point: Pawn Shop Kings. They're a musical melting pot--a whole lot of Arkansas blended with SoCal's sunshine and a dash of Texas for spice, creating a folk/gospel/rock combination that's sure to get you grooving on the last night of their month-long residency. Scott and Joel Owen's music was impacted by where they lived during their childhood, and their wanderings helped them figure out a sound somewhere between Stevie Wonder, James Morrison and the Traveling Wilburys. On a song like "She Sings," you can even hear echoes of George Harrison's guitar riffs from his work on Rubber Soul. They've got blue-eyed soul hooks worthy of Joe Cocker. So head to the Observatory this holiday to catch a band that carries their musical journeys and origins in their songs. -- By Joseph Lapin

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Tuesday, September 25
Focus Tuesdays (featuring Oxia, DJ Nonfiction and Josh Billings)

Focus, the mid-week house music dance party at Tapas in Newport, might just the most underrated club in OC. With years (years!) of experience bringing in some of the best deep house DJs in the business, Focus attracts a young, beautiful crowd of house fanatics and party people each week. With resident DJs like Nonfiction, Josh Billings and Wobs, the opening sets are as much a draw as the headliners. This week, we'll see the West Coast debut of French DJ Oxia, an EDM selector of the finest pedigree (see 8 Bit, Infine and France). Plus, there's plenty of three-dollar drink specials and the club's famous one-dollar tacos on the patio. Pretty great for a Tuesday night! -- By Erin DeWitt

Wednesday, September 26
Alanis Morissett
Fox Theater

It always plays out the same way--traffic jam when you're already late and Goddamn vegan Canadians taking our jobs. Perhaps no other northern neighbor singer could so perfectly rock your '90s world with a guitar in her hand and a song on her lips than Alanis Morissette. Well, the sneaky maple syrup-eater is in town for her Guardian Angel Tour playing the Fox Theater in Pomona and making all of your 1995 dreams come true with one hand in her pocket and the other jamming some sweet soulful music down your ear holes. The line-up features all the hits that made her famous including "Ironic," "You Learn," and "You Oughta Know," along with some other goodies that perhaps you haven't heard yet, but will surely make you fall head over feet all over again. -- By Amanda Parsons

Thursday, September 27

The Blank Tapes

Fans of spacey garage rock a la Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti will enjoy the Vivds, who are sharing the stage with San Francisco-based indie folk troupe the Blank Tapes and 60 Watt Kid. Hailing from Long Beach, they rock a spacey, echoey lo-fi garage sound. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for details on how to score their new EP for free. -- By Brandon Ferguson

Friday, September 28
The Observatory

Few things stir excitement in Wu-Nation like the prospective release of GZA's Liquid Swords 2, which is scheduled to be released this year. But for the last couple years, Wu-Tang Clan's wisest MC (aka the Genius) has pacified his fans with the original, performing his 1995 sophomore album in its entirety at shows. Laced with some of the most deft lyrical slashes that hip-hop has ever seen, the nostalgia factor of this show is unmatched this week. It's about to get real Staten Island up in here. --Nate Jackson

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