Death Hymn Number 9-- See Friday
Death Hymn Number 9-- See Friday

The Best Concerts to See in OC This Weekend

Friday, March 8

Death Hymn Number 9
Unit B Studio
Once, there was a band called the Gories, and there was a guy called Hasil Adkins, as well as a dude named Tav Falco, and they played like maniacs. If they weren't sweating blood, it was only because someone else bled on them first. That's what Death Hymn Number 9 do: punk stomp written and played by feral animals who don't care about thumbs and fingers because they have paws and claws. This week, they're rampaging through Unit B Warehouse with a solid array of raucous local acts, including Dirt Dress, Wild Pack of Canaries and more. (Chris Ziegler)

Matt & Kim 
The Observatory

When describing Matt & Kim's music, the word "precious" comes to mind. But who decides if being precious is a bad thing? We'd argue that in the case of this Brooklyn-based duo, it's quite the opposite. Yes, Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino are a real-life couple (blarf), and their emo-flavored music, with its old-timey organ accompaniment, at times reminds a person of the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack. But the vibe makes for a lighthearted, whimsical, uplifting listening experience. We dig the song "Light Speed," which features Johnson's optimistic warble accompanied only by organ music and handclaps as he describes his worldview of the universe from the lonely grass in centerfield mid-ballgame. (Brandon Ferguson)

Saturday, March 9

OC Music Awards Night
City National Grove of Anaheim

It's all been leading up to this--weeks of live musical showcases, local bands giving all they've got, competing against fellow musicians and friends. It all comes down to tonight--the Orange County Music Awards, an evening of triumphs and heartbreaks, celebrating the best music this little county has to offer. Don your best hipster cocktail attire and come see who wins in categories like Best Punk (that pit bands like Social Distortion against Death Hymn Number 9), Best Indie, Best Blues and Best Album (the likes of No Doubt against The Ultimate Bearhug). Eight performances are planned, and that's a lot of set changes so go ahead and knock back a few drinks. Tonight's Lifetime Achievement Award goes to the esteemed Carl St. Clair, Pacific Symphony Music Director and leader of the country's largest orchestra--and the Impact Award goes to Lit. (Erin DeWitt)

Detroit Bar

First and foremost, it's pronounced Braun-cho. Secondly, the capitalization is purposeful. And thirdly, this is a band, not a Mexican pony (important!). It's a band that plays gritty, straightforward punk songs a la The Replacements and Iggy Pop. It's a band that calls Oklahoma home (which is impressive in its own right). It's a band that self-released its debut album and gained International praise all on it's own.This dedication and persistence paid off, and the quartet recently signed with Fairfax Recordings, which will be re-releasing 2011's Can't Get Past The Lips before dropping BRONCHO's anticipated sophomore release. In the meantime, the punk rockers are touring the States, including a stop at Costa Mesa's Detroit Bar on March 9. (Katrina Nattress)

Sunday, March 10

Green Day
Fox Theater Pomona

During the last six months, Green Day released one full-length album with a portrait of each band member on the cover--take that, Kiss circa 1978--and now they're about to take those three albums and those 30-something songs on the road from arena to arena across America. Except for a show at Fox Pomona and two more mid-size spots, where you'll have a rare chance to see this indestructible pop-punk band at the kind of place they would have played at the beginning of the Clinton presidency. Each of the Uno!/Dos!/Tre! albums has its own sort of character, with Dos! the most off-center and intriguing and Uno! the most happily classic, but for the most part this is Green Day as the universe intends: Cheap Trick for the 21st Century. (Chris Ziegler)

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