Atmosphere--See Monday
Atmosphere--See Monday
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The Best Concerts in OC This Week

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Monday, September 8

The Skatalites The Slidebar In 1985, core members of the original lineup of The Skatalites reunited and would go on to tour throughout North America; the twenty years before their reunion was mired in a mix of success, scandal, and disagreement between band members. Their reunion years in the 1980s would see similar obstacles, notably the deaths of most of the original members including Jackie Mittoo, Lloyd Knibb, and Lloyd Brevett. Yet, despite the hardships, the popularity and influence of The Skatalites has endured worldwide, due to the consistent interest of early ska fans to the history of the group, as well as the current members of The Skatalites who continue to perform and keep the legacy of the group alive. Your chance to check out the group's contemporary incarnation, (not to memtion a part of musical history) hits Fullerton tonight at The Slidebar, so invite along your favorite diehard ska fan. (Aimee Murillo)

Atmosphere The Observatory Minneapolis-based Atmosphere, the duo of Sean "Slug" Daley and Anthony "Ant" Davis, take an otherwise ordinary rhyme and melody and then light them on fire with their volatile brand of poetic, often-angry underground hip-hop. What started as an outlet for teenage angst back in the '90s quickly led to a debut record, 1998's Overcast!, now considered one the genre's classic records. This past May, the project released its eighth album, Southsiders, which had both fans and critics raving about the duo's efforts--Atmosphere's music will tell you the world is shit, but to never give up hope for something better. And it's this kind of relentless optimism in the face of tragedy that resonates so deeply with fans all over the country. Don't miss Atmosphere's show tonight at the Observatory. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, September 9

YG The Observatory For the past 5 years, the term YG has become more than the general title for a Young Gangster--specifically, a blood. Since dropping "Toot it and Boot it", the Bompton (no typo) rapper has been preparing for his debut album "My Krazy Life." He's coming through OC this week for not one, but two shows on Tuesday night. (Nick Nukem) Kiki Ebsen Aquarium of the Pacific The Aquarium of the Pacific's Summer Concert Series unwinds with an unplugged jazz standards performance from SoCal musician Kiki Ebsen. Held on the Aquarium's Rooftop Veranda, this special event (held in conjunction with Kirschner Creative Artists) will benefit both local animal rescue and care programs as well as educational organizations. Having worked previously with such talents as Boz Scaggs, Tracy Chapman, Wilson Phillips and Belinda Carlisle, Ebsen is a strong performer in her own right, and will bring her smooth jazz vocals and twinkling keys to tonight's ocean-view spotlight. So enjoy these last few days of summer, cocktail in hand, gazing at the Pacific and enjoying tranquil, sophisticated live jazz music. (Erin DeWitt)

Thursday, September 11

Fellow Bohemian The Wayfarer The strains of electric guitar that punctuate each song by indie rock group Fellow Bohemian hold up the wild and danceable beat produced by the afrobeat percussion, folk, and New Wave elements thrown in there. In their Wild EP release, every member of the California band contributes an indelible piece of the 'Bohemian pie, without feeling overly produced or orchestrated. Think part Grizzly Bear, part Akron Family, and part Shins, and you have a potent combination that lives up to their EP title. To take a gander at the awesome chemistry between bands, check them out tonight at the Wayfarer as part of an eclectic line up that includes Gazoota, The Bluffs, and Coleidoscope. (Aimee Murillo)

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