The 10 Most Awkward '90s Songs to Listen to in the Car With Your Parents

The 10 Most Awkward '90s Songs to Listen to in the Car With Your Parents

For a moment, imagine it's the '90s again -- the era of Bad Boy Records, grunge and Bill Clinton. You're a kid again, and you're on a road trip with your parents. Maybe it's your mom; maybe it's your dad; or maybe it's both. You've been driving for a while. You're bored, staring at the electrical power lines running with the car. You look at the license plates in front of you. The doors are locked. Nowhere to go. Then a song comes on the radio, and the sexual or emotional awkwardness of the lyrics become too much to bare. It's just you and your parents...and the radio. If you turn the dial, then they know, oh they know, you're embarrassed. And that will only make it worse. So stay buckled for the 10 most awkward 90s songs to listen to in the car with your parents.

10. R. Kelly, "Bump N' Grind" (1994)

R. Kelly doesn't see anything wrong with a little bump n' grind -- nor a little poo poo and pee pee. This only makes it so much more awkward to look back on being stuck in a car with your parents as R. Kelly's voice bounced around in your automobile, encouraging a little rubbing, a little grinding, a little bit of that freaky deaky.

9. Divinyls, "I Touch Myself" (1991)

Masturbation...and your parents. Enough said.

8. TLC, "Red Light Special" (1995)

When I was a kid, my dad screened all my music (fucking Tipper Gore and her parental advisories!) So one day I brought my dad down to the local record store, and, standing side by side, we put two pairs of headphones on and listened to TLC's album. We got to "Red Light Special." He just stared at me as I bobbed my head to the slow and dirty beat. The song ended. He took off the headphones and said "No way." This was followed by an abrupt departure from the record store.

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