The 10 Best All-Female Rock Bands

Mary Scanion

At some point, all famous female rock bands of the past several decades have endured a similar barrage of insults: not being able to play their instruments, being dramatic, have too much sex appeal (or not enough) or being feminist man haters. Although most of those accusations are biases and downright sexism, one common similarity among all women rock groups is the tendency to make fun of the guys instead of trying to fit in among them. Many rock and heavy metal subgenres inherently formed with a communal brotherhood of male fans, segregating many females from the scenes for decades. The few brave leaders who tried to break into the fraternity suffered a rough road of acceptance. This opposition is still seen today even by other female heavy metal musicians, quoting more male influences on their music than women.

Today, there are plenty of female bands who still aren't afraid to stand up and grab your attention. In some cases it ranges from societal statements such as being photographed with hairier body parts to serving time in prison for making political statements with music. Even with advances in civil rights and more depth in musical expression, current female artists are still battling some of the same stereotypes today as their predecessors did 30 years ago. The noise being made has sparked another revival of feminism that as brought back life to some of the greatest female rock groups and continued to inspire the next generation of women musicians.

Here are the top 10 best all female rock and heavy metal bands...

10) Pussy Riot

Russia's punk band Pussy Riot caused a global uproar and protests after their 2012 arrest in Moscow for performing "Mother Mary, Banish Putin!" in a cathedral. Performing the song, also referred to as the "punk prayer," resulted in the imprisonment of the three young members, of which two faced harsh conditions for two years. Once released, the group sporting colorful dresses and balaclavas continued their speed-laden music about LGBT rights, feminism and Putin opposition at another protest performance at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Eventually, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, the two visible members, still live in Moscow where they continue to produce music on societal injustices, the latest being a haunting song sung in English called "I Can't Breathe."

9) Dum Dum Girls

Often seen in all black on the stages of alternative rock music festivals and shows, the Dum Dum Girls band transpired as the creative musical child of Dee Dee Penny in 2008. The band has had several revolving members, but the sultry glaze of sound with the mix of minor and major keys throughout the three full-lengths attract all walks of indie-pop lovers.

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