Thank You, Jann Wenner

Rolling Stone Interns!Last year, the heads of the Literary Journalism Program at UCI sent out an email regarding an internship opportunity with Rolling Stone. That tempted me for about two seconds. Then I realized that it was Rolling Stone and that MTV Networks was slated to turn the whole thing into some awful reality program. That's how I want to jumpstart my journalism career!

A year later and their mass-media-clusterfuck is here in the form of I'm From Rolling Stone.The surefire guilty pleasure (okay, probably not) of all us snarky music types, I'm From Rolling Stone chronicles the paths of six walking journalism hopefuls: Krishtine, Peter, Krystal, Colin, Tika and Russell. I'll let you figure out the stereotypes yourselves. Much more fun that way. Trust me.

Now, normally I'm not one to judge (ha!) but I absolutely need to get something out into the open here. In case you can't tell already, this show is complete bullshit. Watch the show's preview video and you'll see the interns getting hit on by Atmosphere, interviewing Snoop Dogg and eyeing their bylines on some brand new MacBooks. Welcome to the Real World. But even better than the preview clip are the interns' profiles that are linked above. Let's take a look at Colin's answer to what his favorite concert moment was:

No. At Lollapalooza, Mooney Suzuki's singer, Sammy James Jr., smashed his head against the guitar. Blood was dripping down his face, and he looked at me, took off his sunglasses and handed them to me. It felt like time slowed down, I was so stoked. That was the show that I really knew I wanted to do something that related to music for the rest of my life because I just really saw the power of a live show and the power that can hold.

The Mooney Suzuki? Tight, bro! If they aren't the pinnacle of all things great and inspiring in rock 'n roll, then I sure as hell don't know who is!

Then there's Krishtine's involvement with Bay Area hip-hop mag Ruckus:

I'm not going to try to be big-headed about it, but I feel like the fact that we created our own publication really helped the Bay Area music community reach its potential, because people that didn't understand it through the music could pick up our magazine and see aesthetically and culturally, all the aspects that they wouldn't be able to see without physically being here.

If you have to say that you're not going to be "big-headed" about something, you probably already are.

Thank god Rolling Stone is still a bastion of good taste because I don't know what I'd do without it. But you know what? I think I'm just bitter. If I wore bandanas or had a mustache and swirly blond hair, I could've been on that show too. Bummer.

I'm From Rolling Stone will air Sundays at 10 P.M. on MTV beginning January 7th.


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