Super-WTF? Five Lamest Superman Powers

Superman reaches no. 700 of his self-titled series this week, and this issue begins the epic, blockbuster story line that sends Superman ... walking across the country

You might think super-cross-country-strolling is the lamest power the Man of Steel has ever exhibited, but you'd be wrong. Superman has a long, illustrious history of showcasing some weak skills, slapping a "super" in front of it, and trying to pass it off as a spectacular power that only a visitor from another planet could possess. 

Thanks to years of reading comic books, I have a mental record of the stupidest powers I've ever seen Superman use. Here's my list of his five lamest.

1. Super-hypnotism
Super-WTF? Five Lamest Superman Powers
Curt Swan and Frank Chiaramonte/DC Comics

2. Super-ventriloquism 
Super-WTF? Five Lamest Superman Powers
Curt Swan and George Klein/DC Comics

You'd think a power like super-ventriloquism would be such a bizarre ability that writers would only think of using it once, maybe twice. And if you think that, that's why you never wrote a Superman comic in the Silver Age, because super-ventriloquism was that era's heat vision. Need to distract Lois Lane to keep your secret identity? Super-ventriloquism. Need to communicate with your dog, Krypto (like in these panels from Superman #165)? Use super-ventriloquism. Want to upstage Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy? You got it, super-ventriloquism. Like super-hypnotism, super-ventriloquism was a power that even as a kid I couldn't buy. Largely because I spent hours practicing non-super-ventriloquism, and I couldn't throw my voice across the room, let alone call my dog.

3. Super-amnesia kiss
Super-WTF? Five Lamest Superman Powers
Warner Bros.

4. Shooting a midget Superman from his palms
Super-WTF? Five Lamest Superman Powers
Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye/DC Comics

Super-WTF? Five Lamest Superman Powers
Doug Mahnke/DC Comics

Super-WTF? Five Lamest Superman Powers

Granted, this is a fan-created piece of art, so I don't know if Superman got Batman pregnant or if Batman artificially inseminated himself. Given the loving look Superman has, I'm guessing he figured out a way to use his heat vision to surgically carve out a womb inside Batman and super-charge his testicles with yellow sun radiation so that they would produce super-sperm that could interact with Batman's sperm in order to create the very first totally male-conceived human-Kryptonian hybrid. So why is that on the lame-powers list? Well, I would hope that Superman and Batman would be more socially conscious and consider becoming adoptive parents.

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