Skrillex Fans: Five Reasons They Suck

Skrillex Fans: Five Reasons They Suck

Dear Sonny Moore,

Congratulations on winning three Grammy awards this year. You are undoubtedly very talented, and know how to get down during your set.

Forget what Dave Grohl said about DJs making music on their computers. I mean, he only performed with Deadmau5 at the Grammys right after he said that. He's probably mad it took him years and years to win a Grammy, while it only took you a year to win three.

That said, please know that I love your music, but I cannot stand your fans. If you get a chance, please tell them that these are five reasons they suck.

5.) Emo crossover fans kids are infiltrating the rave scene

Since the dismemberment of your band From First to Last, emo kids have been wanting music to rage to. Well, your fans have crossed over--to the detriment of the EDM scene. Now, guys  look like girls again. At your concerts I can't tell the difference between dudes and ladies--everyone is wearing the same thing: skinny girls' jeans, nails painted black and tight shirts in the crowd. You must be their savior.

4.) They've introduced EDM moshpits

Instead of experiencing peace, love, unity and respect (or, you know, just a happy night of dancing), people at your shows have to worry about getting knocked out in a moshpit. EDM was originally about being together as one, not protecting themselves from flailing fists. If I wanted to get punched in the face by accident, I'd go to a Danzig show.

3.) They have bad haircuts

What's everyone's obsession with Skrillex hair ? I like my girls with a full head of hair, please.

2.) Bros have appropriated your music, making it the soundtrack of choice over Insane Clown Posse and the Kottonmouth Kings

Bros now prefer blast your music above all else while driving their monster trucks to the beach. Nothing is more annoying than hearing "Equinox (First of the Year)" screeching while I drive on a peaceful quiet day.

1.) Your fans don't know any other dubstep music but yours, and they're polluting my Facebook wall
People post sayings like, "SKRILLEX!!!!!!", "Did you hear that new Skrillex remix? Song was DOPE!!" Please make them stop.

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