Photo by Jeannie RiceSizzo is the vocalist of Livid and a cast member of VH1 Television seriesHollywood Hills. > The doudouk. My favorite instrument, a wooden wind device mostly heard in Middle Eastern music. When played correctly, its haunting howl transports you into an entirely different culture. I use it as therapy for the stress of everyday life. It can be heard on albums by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan as well as Peter Gabriel's soundtrack for the movie The Last Temptation of Christ.

> Portishead. The vocals of this two-piece band are witchy and beautiful. I genuinely appreciate the time they put into their phrasing.

> "God Is in the TV" by Marilyn Manson. My favorite music video. Manson is an amazing entertainer. The settings and images used throughout this tape are definitely disturbing, but they allow you to find tranquility at the same time. I love the use of makeup and religion as vehicles for his views on all worldly topics. He takes big risks and wins on all of them, whether it makes for positive or negative press.

> Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots. The fact that Weiland has made a complete recovery from his addictions is enough to inspire any artist. With his eye for fashion and undeniable sex appeal, he's a true front man.

> Cold. One of my favorite underground bands. I've been listening to them for almost three years. Their musicianship is extremely well-combined, with members accenting off one another at all the right moments. Their catchy rhythms and heartfelt melodies will have you believing they have yet to receive the exposure they deserve.

> Amen. They have to be the dirtiest Hollywood gutter-punk/hardcore band around. Raw vocals, raw guitars, slamming drums and pissed-off lyrics that condemn religion and anything else that's fucked up mankind. Blast the shit out of it, and exorcise your own demons.


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