Show of the Day: Flogging Molly, House of Blues, Anaheim

It takes a serious party person with a leather liver to hit up tonight's Flogging Molly gig at House of Blues, Anaheim, less than 24 hours after getting properly hammered on New Year's Eve. But the Irish-informed rock band famous for their awesomely spunky live shows--and boozy ballads like the one posted below--has a special breed of fans, which will surely be out in force. Impressive. Very impressive.

"With lead singer/songwriter Dave King hailing from the Emerald Isle, the band's music is most aptly described as LA-based Celtic punk--but the raucously entertaining Flogging Molly does have an OC connection," notes OC Weekly contributor Joel Beers.

Click for the rest of Beers' write-up and show info


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