Where's Slash?
Where's Slash?
Andrew Youssef

Shameless Plug: Read My New Column 'Mental Notes'! And Don't Make Fun of My Picture!!

This week's issue of the print product has

​Basically, it's stuff I've already posted here on the blog but all condensed and cleaned up. Think of it as a week in review. Or best of. Or greatest hits. Incidentally, it's amazing the shit you notice after returning to something posted in haste. More amazing, the screw-ups your editor catches. Anyway, here it is, the debut of Mental Notes. 

And, yeah, that's me in the picture. Getting some fresh air--and giving my ears a break-- at the Anaheim Convention Center during NAMM. 

OK, time to grab my favorite rocks glass, fill it with ice, Crown Royal Whisky and a splash of Canadian Dry Ginger Ale. Tasty. John Coltrane's My Favorite Things is in the stereo. I'm ready to relax. Have a good weekend. And read my column! 

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