Acacia Strain
Acacia Strain

Scream It Like You Mean It- The Glass House and The Fox Theater Pomona- 7/24/12

Scream It Like You Mean It Tour

The Glass House and The Fox Theater Pomona


The second annual Scream It Like You Mean It made it's pass through Southern California on Tuesday. Although they had set it up in two different venues, the way that they had the set  times made things a bit inconvenient. In fact it seemed like you either went to the Fox Theater or the Glass House. For me, it seemed like there was not enough time to travel back and forth to see all of the bands, and more importantly for me most of the bands I did want to see were at the Glass House so that is where I stayed.

A huge mass of people, ranging from hipsters, metal heads, scene kids, and L.A. metal, flooded the area outside the venue. It was nice to see that a lot of people were co-existing together with out a problem. For the most part everyone there looked like they belonged seeing at least one of the bands that was going to play. The nice part about these kinds of shows is the fact that a lot of them are straight edge; which means that there are a lot less drunken brawls. The only thing that one really has to look out for is when those kids get into the pit for all of these bands it brings out the violent crazy in them.

Hands like Houses, Volumes, For all those Sleeping, In Fear and Faith and The Chariot only had twenty-minute sets. Each of the bands did a great job in those twenty minutes. It is really hard to be able to perform anything in that short amount of time and unlike some festivals this summer, the sound made up for their set. Every single band had the most amazing sound and none of them were off key. Out of those five bands,d the band that should have defiantly had a bigger slot was the Chariot. It is the second time that I have seen them and they never have enough time to play. Vocalist Josh Scogin is always on his game and he is one of the best performers in his genre. His vocals are always on key and a nice thing about the band is that they are not afraid to go out into the crowd and play there. In fact guitarist Stephen Harrison had jumped down off the stage and had played the first song with a pit of people around him.

Oceano did an admirable job of turning most of the crowd into a violent, swirling circle pit. Of course that was their thing, they wanted people to be as violent as possible while they were playing. In between the variety of songs played in their set, they never once forgot their audience and they made sure to encourage everyone to enjoy their music.

 The final act was The Acacia Strain, which was a great way to end the night. Each of the band members had played off of one another. Lead singer Vincent Bennett had really brought his a game on with his vocals. Not only were his vocals on point but also the way that each of the members had played off of one another's energy was impeccable. Over all it was a great show for everyone. No one dragged another person down and each of the bands made sure that they were on their game. It is always refreshing to see that each band holds up the same energy from the very beginning to the very end.

Critical Bias- I am always very happy to see every band have a great set list. That isn't always something that happens.

From the Crowd- "That chick had too much ass hanging out for my liking."

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