Psy Gets 'Freaked Out' About His Fame. Here's Five Other Things We Learned About The 'Gangnam Style' Star In His Reddit AMA
Psy explained why he's so mad at that girl's ass. 

Psy Gets 'Freaked Out' About His Fame. Here's Five Other Things We Learned About The 'Gangnam Style' Star In His Reddit AMA

You've seen the video (over and over and--my God, is this still a thing?--over). And all its parodies, too. ("Hitler Style," anyone?) But yesterday, for the first time, fans got a chance to actually converse with "Gangnam Style" superstar Psy (well, virtually) in his "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit. AMAs are a huge thing these days--President Obama recently had one of his own. No offense to POTUS, but Psy's session was way more entertaining. And it makes us all the more eager to catch the South Korean sensation when he busts a move into Honda Center for a recently announced headlining gig(!) on Jan. 26. Though it seems as though this sharp-dressed man can't be stopped, his recent interview Reddit interview reveals a secret side of Psy that may surprise you.

Here are some things we learned about the South Korean sensation.   
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1. The elevator scene (you know the one) was ad libbed. 

nong chul is the name of the elevator guy and he is very famous comedian in korea. that is a very popular dirty move he has been doing for 6 years and i asked him to do it in my video. if i am underneath, it would be dirtier!
we only did 2-3 takes and everyone on the video set was crying from laughing. definitely my favorite scene in the video.

2. "Gangnam Style" is not meant to be a social critique--it's just fun!  

3. He considers "Gangnam Style" to be the greatest achievement of his life. 

4. His favorite "Gangnam Style" parody video is this one: 

Good choice! 

5. He gets "freaked out" by his international fame, and so does his friends and family. 
He says it's "way too fast and way too far." 

6. He's hilarious! 
When one Redditor asked, "Why were you so mad at that girl's ass?" in response to the screenshot at the top of this post, he replied, "Because her ass was so mad." Then when another commenter asked, "Can I come and hang out with you in Seoul?" he simply responded, "Call me maybe." Will do, Psy. Will do. 

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