Paul Simon Releasing New LP So Beautiful Or So What

I know most of you don't care, but Paul Simon happens to be one of my favorite artists. I was born in the wrong era, but at least I can admit to my love classic rock. The new album, his 12th studio release, titled So Beautiful or So What, is slated for release in April. Simon began crafting the songs built on what he calls "interesting harmony and structure." He told Rolling Stone"Since Graceland, I've always made the record based on either making the tracks or the percussion first. This time, the stimuli was a guitar in my lap."

Simon claims the album takes him back musically to 

Still Crazy After All These Years.

 Working with producer Phil Ramone, who recorded Simon's albums in the '70s, he started cutting the demos and focusing on making each song emotional and real. Simon also quit smoking, drinking and coffee to make the LP. It took more than a year to make, and I'm very excited to hear it. I'll be even more excited if he tours SoCal.

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