Over the Weekend: An Abyss Called Home on Friday at Chain Reaction, Anaheim
Annum Khan

Over the Weekend: An Abyss Called Home on Friday at Chain Reaction, Anaheim

The Show: An Abyss Called Home were the second act up. The room appeared nearly full. The four musicians walked onto the stage self-assured. Lead screamer Brennan Cota's head banging seemed to surprise some of the crowd after the first act's mellow reggae. But as the audience warmed to Cota's tortured yelps and histrionics, in sync with the punishing electric wailing of Ryan Cecil and Wes Nelson, a mosh pit formed during the third song. 

The crowd formed a ring around an empty center of the room to allow space for the slam dancers in the center. There were a few startled looks, but mostly laughter and a looser atmosphere ensued. Cecil's actual singing proved more penetrable than Cota's screams, although both were buried fairly deep in the mix. An Abyss Called Home stuck to the standard screamo template but the audience cheered--and body slammed--throughout their set. Not bad for a band's first gig.

Franklin Square, The Alaskan Kings, Angry Truck, and Cover Up Cameos also performed.

The Crowd: The all age audience ranged from middle schoolers to adults in their 40s and 50s (parents of the attendees and/or musicians?). Most came out to support their own band, but clapped and had their heads bobbing throughout the night of varied musical offerings.

Overhead: "I feel bad for the band that goes after them!" said a concertgoer following An Abyss Called Home left the stage.


1. Intro
2. "Welcome Home"
3. "Bears...Beets...Battlestar Galactica"
4. "We Found Him Two Hours Later"
5. "Part 1 (Pt.2)"
6. "Don't Gunna, Don't Wanna"

Click for interview with An Abyss Called Home. 


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