Emmylou Harris at Lilith.
Emmylou Harris at Lilith.
Meg Strouse / OC Weekly

Orange Bits: Lilith Fair, Billy Kernkamp, Pacific Amphitheatre and More

This week in local music coverage that isn't ours: Lilith Fair gets positive-yet-bored reviews, Billy Kernkamp gets real, big-name touring acts get money problems.

  • Register music guru Ben Wener eats crow for earlier carping about this summer's lineup at the Pacific Amphitheatre, which is experiencing stellar sales. Turns out, LeAnn Rimes and the B-52's fill seats. [OC Register]

  • We know OC's Billy Kernkamp as a pants-dropping, dirty-joke-telling alt-country crooner with a big stage presence. Speaking to Orange Pop, though, he opens up about his mother, who recently passed away. Condolences, Billy. [OCR]

  • A front-page Times story says summer music tours are having some big business problems. [LAT]

  • In previewing the Henry Clay People's new MP3 and tour, Pop & Hiss declares "they're very much an L.A. band." Maybe, but they're from Orange County. [LAT]

  • M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel share their favorite California-related tunes. [LAT]

  • Fan Halen wins out in a Long Beach battle of the tribute bands. Guess who they're paying tribute to? [Daily 49er]

  • Long Beach gets federal money to build a "portable performance space." [Greater Long Beach]

  • Another excellent Local Natives remix drops from chillwave buzz magnet Teen Daze. [Wild Tonic]

  • Fullerton's Mississippi Man ready a full-length debut, A-OK. [Buzzbands LA]

  • The Ruffian picks a fight with Everyday Noise about Hindu Pirates, decides that 18-year-olds aren't teenagers. [The Ruffian]


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