Sex Pistols
Sex Pistols

OC Weekly Classic Punk Monday Mixtape

​​Sometimes, you just need to get riled up on a Monday morning. To that end, we made you a classic punk mixtape to shake off the haze of the weekend and start the new week off right. Valentine's Day, be damned; break out the boots and safety pins! The mixtape spans the original Spirit of '77 pioneers up through '90s Rancid, so crank 'em up for a spin down memory lane--if you can remember that far back.

1. The Stranglers: "No More Heroes"

2. Ramones: "Teenage Lobotomy"

3. Minor Threat: "Seeing Red"

4. Rancid: "Tenderloin"

5. TSOL: "Beneath the Shadows"

6. Bad Religion: "Suffer"

 7. The Replacements: "Kids Don't Follow"

8. Sex Pistols: Pretty Vacant"

9. Bad Brains: "I Against I"

10. Social Distortion: "Prison Bound"


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