OC Collective Names New Strain of Weed After Compton Rapper YG

OC Collective Names New Strain of Weed After Compton Rapper YG

Green Aid, a medicinal marijuana collective in Anaheim, recently developed a new strain of weed--"YG OG," named after Compton rapper YG. It's sold exclusively at their location.

Next to Snoop Dogg, who has had Snoop's Private Reserve OG, this is perhaps the first time a rapper has had a strand of weed officially named after him, and definitely the first time any artist has in turn endorsed the product. Not even Wiz Khalifa--who raps ad nauseum about his affinity for blazing trees, admits to spending more than 10 Gs a month on grass, and has his own line of rolling papers--can lay claim to this honor.

The collaboration is novel enough to pique the interest of local weed connoisseurs "A lot of times clubs will just rename a strain by adding an enticing adjective to take advantage of people who are buying based on the name alone," says Julian of weed lifestyle brand and blog, Dank LA. "That's what's so dope about Green Aid and their YG strain, because instead of giving us another Insane OG or whatever, they're at least paying respect in the same fashion as how a deli might name a sandwich after a loyal customer."

Be advised: Before you toot it and boot it down to Green Aid, YG OG is currently out of stock. Not that I checked or anything, but it'll be back on shelves in about two weeks. So all you OC-based "patients" should call ahead: 714-533-7683.

In the meantime you can also stock up on the "Charlie Sheen" weed or one of the 30 other strands they sell.

Green Aid is located at 1808 W. Lincoln Ave, Suite 100, Anaheim.


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