Nothing But Treble

"Oops . . . we . . . did it again. . . . We're breakin' your heart. . . ."

Fear not, connoisseurs of fine music everywhere—Britney Spears is nowhere to be found on Nothing but Treble, our third local-band compilation CD. Instead, we've got 22 tracks by 22 Orange County/Long Beach artists—none of whom has breast implants (so far as we know), but each of whom has somehow survived our infamously strict, grueling quality-assurance process and Extreme Scrabble Tournament for the opportunity to please you, loyal Weekly page-flipper, with their blinding, orgasmic brilliance. If we do say so ourselves, this one's our best yet (though we'll likely say that about the next one, too). So already-mega is Nothing but Treble, so deafening the buzz, that bootlegged copies have allegedly been spotted circulating on eBay for $8,000 a pop!

You, however, are too smart to fall for that—as of today, the thing is free, free, free! You know the drill by now: skip over to page 31, clip out the coupon, and take it to one of the fine retail establishments you see listed for your very own copy. No purchase necessary, even!

All the bands on our comp can be found sweating it out in the clubs of OC/LB on a regular basis, and they can all really use your love (in the form of your cover charge and beer purchases). If you like what you hear, then turn off that goddamn Survivor show, get out of the house, go catch them live, and buy their CD/T-shirt/sticker swag. They'll love you right back. Some might even French you if you're cute enough.

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And now, the complete track-by-track rundown of Nothing but Treble, Volume Three of Weekly-sanctioned tuneage:

1. RELISH, "Flesh and Kings." Crunchy rock & roll poetry from Fullerton and parts elsewhere. They were on the Warped Tour, you know.

2. ALL THE MADMEN, "Suicide Motorpool." Monster-riff-powered, a song to blast while driving erratically down the 405.

3. SPARKLE*JETS UK, "10 Inches." Giddy, irresistible power-pop—a huge, million-selling radio hit in our parallel universe.

4. PEEPSHOT, "I Las Vegas." Sweet alterna-country from Long Beach. A travelogue with maybe the truest line about Vegas ever spoken: "They're giving away money here/But you just don't get to keep it."

5. FOXY, "Promises & Lies." A Greg Antista tune (he of Joyride and many other bands), powered by the pained, hurt voice of 4-Gazm's Lisa "LP" Parker.

6. JAY BUCHANAN, "If You Leave." A nasty, scary, brutal song. Remember, Jay's only portraying a character here, okay? This is not autobiographical!

7. FRED WILSON, "Zed." It's a band, not a person. Featuring the stellar keyboard wizardry of Ikey Owens.

8. SENZA MOTIVA, "Feel So-Lo." A loser's saga of strength and survival. And masturbation. And go-go dancing.

9. SQUARE, "26." Sunny keyboard-pop-fusion from a Nebraska trio who moved to OC earlier year in search of better things, and to get the hell out of the snow.

10. GO FORTH, "Suzy." A life lesson, about a girl who had it all and then messed it up. From the Band Formerly Known as Go Forth Getters.

11. SUPERNOVICE, "Is That So Wrong?" Chris Gaffney says, "They fucking kick ass!" And you can always trust Gaffney.

12. DODGE DART, "Jesus Ain't My Friend." More anti-social ranting from Costa Mesa's most lovable punk band.

13. ERIK REZ, "Get on Up." Manic acoustic strumming from Fullerton folkie Rez, who rails against apathy, lethargy and the mind-numbing routine of the everyday.

14. BOURBON JONES, "Glory Train." Praise th' Lawd! Shout amen, somebody!Religion from Long Beach's gnarliest bluesmen.

15. THE PRESSURE, "The New Commodity." A stand against conformity from one of Costa Mesa's finest, taken from their superbo CD Things Move Fast.

16. FIFTH STORY TENANTS, "Born at Sixteen." Excellent, guitar-fueled, garage-y rock & roll.

17. THE ANGORAS, "Sick Dance." Featuring Weekly associate music editor Alison M. Rosen, and we considered the possibility that this would look like favoritism, but it's because we liked the Angoras way before she got the gig.

18. FILMORE, "There Was You." An innocent love song pumped up with zesty, hooky guitars. The perfect antidote to aggro-rock.

19. THE FIRE ANTS, "Going Numb." More tension-and-release from the heroes of the Fountain Valley scene.

20. THROW RAG, "Race With the Devil." Quick, brief, ribald revelry, fulla wild-man hootin' and a-hollerin'. Gotta love the cowbell, too.

21. THE POP NARCOTIC, "Lipslide." Paranoid and disturbing —with even more wild-man hootin' and a-hollerin'.

22. THE REVENTLOS, "Greed and Lust." A dreamy, soothing closer, from a band more renowned for frantic, cowboy-laced surf-rock.

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