Nick 13 Shares His Top Five Halloween Songs and Movies (In His Own Words)

Nick 13
Nick 13
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Everyone has Halloween favorites that give them that appropriately creepy feeling for this time of year. Nick 13 is no different then us and before he goes on stage to deliver psychobilly burst of October Flame, one of our favorite traditions, he has his favorite songs and movies that get him into the spirit. Looking at this list, one can see where a lot of his influences come from and it is no surprise. The sounds the Tiger Army and his own solo projects are clearly reflected in his top five picks. He tells us what they are in his own words.

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Nick 13's Top 5 Halloween songs:


5. 'I Was A Teenage Werewolf', The Cramps

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"Plenty of camp, but with real pathos as well from the sorely missed Lux Interior. The Cramps became the torchbearers for the venerable tradition of horror rock'n'roll dating back to the 1950s, this song being one of its finest examples. The Cramps' yearly treks through the Bay Area in the 90s were a key inspiration for Tiger Army's October Flame. Honorable mention for this spot goes to "My Daddy Is A Vampire" by The Meteors." Released in 1980, this album had taken in many different sounds. It was something different when it came out taking in sounds like punk, rock and surf."


4. 'Pet Sematary', Ramones 

"One of the best later tracks by one of the best bands of all time, featuring a relatively rare excursion into horror-themed lyrics. What's not to love? Made for the movie Pet Sematary (1989), the Ramones took Stephen King's classic novel and added the creepy edge that the movie needed. It was also released on their 1989 album Brain Drain."

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