Maroon 5 Front Man Adam Levine Bares It All

Let me just say what every woman is thinking: his girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna, needs to remove her hands from Adam Levine's package. Just kidding. . . . 

Although Maroon 5 is probably up there with the worst bands of the past decade or so, 31-year-old Levine makes up for it with his charming looks, sweet tats and sexy physique (kind of).

According to

E! Online

, the front man reveals his naked self in the February issue of 

Cosmopolitan UK 

in support of the Everyman Campaign, which raises awareness of the fight against prostate and testicular cancer. We support the cause, but we support having naked men support the cause even more. Levine informed the public that he spends most of his life naked, and there is no reason he shouldn't continue. One can only hope Johnny Depp will be next in line for a full-frontal spread.

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