LowBallVideoChatter: Delta Nove (Playing Downtown Long Beach Tomorrow Night)

Tomorrow night, of course, being New Year's Eve.

But what better band to ring in any year with? Delta Nove have been playing around in assorted Long Beach and OC clubs for at least a good decade. I caught them once when they were playing a party on the rooftop patio of some condo high-rise during the Long Beach Grand Prix, which would be something like 1998 or 1999, and they certainly made the forced huffing of racing fuel fumes much more tolerable. Then again, they were probably running on some fumes of their own, which just may be why I remember their jam-heavy, Dead-inspired, should-be-playing-Bonnaroo brand of psychedelia so fondly.

So catch them on Pine Avenue tomorrow night whilst smooching 2008 away. Meanwhile, check out this herky-jerky video clip from a Blue Cafe gig last month (the tune is called "Big Sky," incidentally) . . .


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