Listen to the Band: The Lost Art

The Lost Art Photobucket Since the release of his second album "Escape From Lala Land" on July 25, Technicalli artist The Lost Art has been making hip hop heads world wide wake up and take notice of his skills behind the mic. Boasting roots from the golden age of hip hop, Art has a knack for meshing together consciousness and cockiness in a style that is hard to ignore once you give it a chance. Working with local heavy weights like The Visionaries and LD and Ariano has definitely given him the proper skills of a seasoned fire-breathing MC.

01 Who's in the band and who does what?

LD and DJ Stimulus handle the production and of course I handle the vocals. We actually do have alot of live instrumentation with LD on keys and Lobsta (LD's brother) handles the bass lines. 02 What motivated you to start the rapping?

Poetry, writing in general. Watching alot of Def Poets on t.v. and seeing MC's reciting poetry from paper and then learning that these people were also makng tracks and then seeing that I can relate it to the music.

03 Who are your biggest influences and why?

Atmosphere is definitely a big one, Sugar Hill Gand, Rakim, The Roots ,Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Alkoholiks, Exhibit Hieroglyphics...I could go on for days. On a separate level, I'm also a classic rock fan. I love Jack Johnson, The hite Stripes, Eric Clapton, The Beatles Cream. The world is so much bigger than hip hop and what I want to do is put in my CD for people and they don't say "that's dope hip hop", I want them to be like "that's good music". That's what I aspire to because I want everybody to be able to enjoy it.

04 What's the best thing that's happened to your band? What's the worst thing that's happened to your band?

Just getting to travel and get closer to the people I'm working with. You find out a lot about yourself when you're in close quarters with people you're working with. You learn alot about people, I'm mean even silly shit like who has gas or who's feet smell...just different stuff.

I've also been a big fan of the visionaries for a long time and LMNO is like one of my favorite MC's... and going from listening to him and following him, to get to work with him was a really big thing for me.

05 There are millions of bands and solo artists creating music now. Why should people listen to you?

Because I'm crazy. Because I bring something the next person didn't, or maybe they did but I just present it a different way. You might like my voice, or a song that I have. I just urge people to take a listen, just one listen is all I ask. Download it for free and just listen. You might like it.


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