Last Night: My Fair Lady at OCPAC

Last Night: My Fair Lady at the Orange County Performing Arts Center June 4th, 2008

Better Than: Saving gas by not showing up.

PhotobucketIn my mind, My Fair Lady equals Audrey Hepburn. It doesn't get much cuter than Audrey Hepburn, right? But last night the beautiful, adorable, simply amazing (more adjectives!) Lisa O'Hare gave Hepburn a run for her money. That voice! That presence! She truly stole the show.

And she wasn't the only one. The performances were sparkling and flawless, each actor moving in perfect harmony. My favorite was the most joyous and fabulously witty, "With a Little Bit of Luck" that showcased a bug-eyed, gapping mouthed, drunken, rosy-cheeked Alfred P. Doolittle (Tim Jerome) leading his pack of drunken friends out of the bar and into the quiet night, full of middle class decency, to bang on kitchen utensils, sing at the top of their voices and make every soul in the audience vow never to wed.

OCPAC's production of the musical masterpiece was blooming and exploding with extraordinary sights and sounds, and a non-stop energy that could make even the most avid McCain supporters in the audience chuckle and shimmy with delight.

The set design was visually amazing, meticulous and intricate—wheeling in, out and around without a hitch. No detail was too much. Only a few slight pops and cracks of the performers microphones could pull the crowd back to reality. Overall I say it was a flawless, entertaining and colorful performance—as lovely as the rain in Spain on a plain.

Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias: Musicals? Yes Please. The more the better.

Random Detail: So many sequins on that gorgeous white dress - I think I was blinded!

By The Way: A little bit 'o Henry Higgins' (Christopher Cazenove) generosity must have rubbed off on the audience. After stopping at the concession area during intermission, and discovering that they didn't accept credit cards, I was reaching to graab my final three dollars from my wallet when a disembodied hand clutching five dollars waved in front of my face. A blond woman with a very sweet expression smiled widely and said "Here you go!" I told her I had enough change and that I was ok - thanking her profusely. She smiled again and shoved the 5 dollar bill toward me. I'm kidding about the Professor Higgins part. I'm going to chalk that one up to good karma and a random act of kindness. Thank you, blonde lady.


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