Justin Bieber and Five Other Musicians with Jesus Tattoos

Justin Bieber and Five Other Musicians with Jesus Tattoos

So Justin Bieber gets a Jesus tattoo and the whole world goes crazy, citing its provenance (a Rubens painting of Jesus called Ecce Homo, which dates back to 1610) and importance (the Beebs has always invoked his Christian faith). But Jesus statues are nothing new for pop stars--check out our list of musicians with Jesus tattoos after the jump.

Chris Brown has a ton of tattoos, most of which he got at a young age. (The first he got on his 13th birthday.) As he told Giant Magazine: "I was like, 'Mom, I want a tattoo.' She's like, (high pitched voice) 'You ain't gettin' no tattoo!' So I went against her will and got one but I told her it was positive so then she liked it. That first one is basically Jesus with the music notes signifying he gave me the gift to sing."

Jonathan Davis of Korn has an HIV tattoo on his left shoulder, a Korn logo tattoo on his back, and a bishop ripping his skin off to reveal Jesus tattoo on his right bicep.

Katy Perry has a Jesus tattoo on her wrist.  Perry told Katie Couric in an interview that when she plays guitar the tattoo stares back at her. To her, it says, "Remember, you came from this and you can always go back to it.

Justin Bieber and Five Other Musicians with Jesus Tattoos

P.O.D. drummer Noah "Wuv" Bernardo Jr. has a massive Jesus tattoo across his back.  What else would you expect from a Christian rock band whose  name means "payable on death," which refers to the heavenly rewards which reputedly will be reaped by the righteous?

Reportedly, John Mellencamp's Jesus tattoo on his right arm was originally a tattoo of his ex-wife, Vicky. He later had it changed, adding a beard to make it look like Jesus.

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