Jerry "The King" Lawler's Top Five Musical Moments (Get Well Soon!)

Jerry "The King" Lawler's Top Five Musical Moments (Get Well Soon!)

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In an unsettling moment of reality last Monday night, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, commentator and famed Andy Kaufman-antagonist Jerry "The King" Lawler suffered a heart attack during a live broadcast from Montreal. While he was immediately attended to offscreen, the WWE updated viewers over the course of the night on his condition, which is still looking hopeful.

We at the Weekly want to wish "The King" a speedy recovery by sharing some of his more memorable musical moments from his days in Memphis, Tennessee.

5. "Bad News" & "World's Greatest Wrestler"

If you aren't familiar with Lawler outside of slapping Andy Kaufman and yelling "Puppies!," it might surprise you to know he was the be-all and end-all of wrestling in Memphis for several decades. He was also a music video pioneer. Here's Lawler in the '70s and '80s giving us a musical rundown of fallen opponents, complete with a globe to emphasize his status as the best in the world.

4. "Wimpbusters"

If Lawler had one longtime rival in Memphis, it was "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. Hart, one-time singer for '60s group The Gentrys of "Keep On Dancing" fame, over the years has been responsible for some of wrestling's most memorable themes and tunes. Regardless, "The King" found him to be a "wimp," and recorded this cameo-heavy reworking of Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" theme to further emphasize this point.

3. "Eye For An Eye"

With a set of lyrics deeper than his plunging silk V-neck, the King's tenderly delivered lyrics for "Eye For an Eye" remind us that when it comes to defending his honor, he never gets mad, he just gets even. Don't let the soft pop delivery or the inexplicably shirtless guitarist in this video fool you, this track wasn't written for your average jabroni--it's a warrior's anthem.

2. "Mean Streak"

Memphis couldn't get enough of "The King" to the point where demand for Lawler in every medium warranted a commercially released single. On a split-release with "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant (The "Boogie Woogie Man"), Lawler gave us another rundown of why he's not to be messed with, accompanied by a music video showing many more punches and fireballs than your average wrestling telecast today.

1. "Wrestling With Girls"

But it's not all squared-circle carnage for "The King" as, here on "The Jerry Lawler Show," he gives us a glimpse into cutting-edge music technology by showing us the finest recording equipment the mid-80s had to offer. Further expanding these horizons is "Wrestling With Girls," the King's foray into his romantic side.

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