Interview with Black Lips' Cole Alexander

Editor's note: Due to pesky space constraints, we had to shorten Eric Snider's feature on the Black Lips, running in today's freshly pressed OC Weekly. The Atlanta-based garage rockers have shows at Detroit Bar and the Glass House. Here's Black Lips front man Cole Alexander on his band's almost-hit "Bad Kids" (see clip below).

The closest Black Lips has come to a hit is the teen-alienation anthem "Bad Kids," a sing-songy romp with doo-wop inflections that has entered the pop-culture psyche through TV commercials, the major Internet play and movies. "Joe wrote that one," front man Cole Alexander says, referring to drummer Joe Bradley. "He was going out to make a catchy pop song, and initially I was a little embarrassed about doing something so commercial. But that was countered by the juvenile lyrics, which are pretty much true. It's a semi-autobiographical song."--Eric Snider


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