Hump Day Heave: Where to party tonight

"The Barstow Boyz are to good taste what Kevin Federline is to good taste," Alison Rosen wrote in last week's issue. "Which is to say they wouldn't recognize it if it were a boat in their driveway." Which is a really cute and clever way (that's our Alison!) of saying that the Barstow Boyz play good covers of bad cock rock songs, bringing a party like you wouldn't believe. Tonight, they make a rare appearance at Detroit Bar. So sayeth the Boyz:

You're playing a special Thanksgiving eve show. Who would have been more into the Barstow Boyz: the pilgrims or the Indians? The Indians would actually be into us because their spirits inhabit us. So they're actually in us, but I think the old black hats would be into us too. They disrespected women like we do.

Join them and about 200 fans and take a cab home. Although staying up till seven a.m. and waking up next to someone you don't know is not the way you want to start Thanksgiving. Trust me.

ALSO: Jerry Lee Lewis for up to $125 a pop at the House of Blues; karaoke at the Prospector; possibly special Definitely Maybe (Indie/Brit Pop) at Memphis Costa Mesa. Know of more? Let us know.

AND IF YOU LOVE LA: Join the Acid Girls as they ditch their night at Avalon for a party in the city @ Crash. Word is:"Crash is held every Wednesday night at The Stone Bar, one of the top rated bars in Hollywood. This place features a huge horseshoe style bar where we are serving the cheapest ass drink specials in town! Gang of Neon & special guest DJs will be thumpin' on an awesome JBL sound system which can be viewed from a make-out loft which over looks the dancefloor. This party is here to provide LA with the latest and greatest in everything in Fight House, Analog Rock, Heavy Synth, French Wave, Indie Rock, Balie Funk, and any other form of mature dance music that's taking the world over . . . This isn't your average bar and this isn't your average "Indie, Electro club" . . . Step it up and let's crash LA!" for more info.


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