Happy Birthday Madonna; RIP Elvis: Top Five Ways the Icons Are Similar

Happy Birthday Madonna; RIP Elvis: Top Five Ways the Icons Are Similar

You know it's a special day when the world celebrates not one, but two members of music royalty--one for his inspiring and everlasting contribution to rock & roll, and another for her long (and persisting) career in pop. We count down the similarities between Elvis Presley, the King and Madonna, the Queen (in no particular order) after the jump. 

5. Madonna and Elvis both have over 300 million record sales.

Of the three U.S. artists who've done so (there's seven that made the list total), Madonna and Elvis both crack the top five for selling the most records worldwide. The other U.S. artist is the late Michael Jackson.

4. They both have 36 Top-10 singles.

I'll spare you the entire list (as if you'd read all 72 titles anyway). But, considering the impressive numbers, it's not surprising that both Madonna and Elvis have been inducted have in the rock & roll hall of fame.

Happy Birthday Madonna; RIP Elvis: Top Five Ways the Icons Are Similar

3. They're record breakers.
Madonna's top-40 singles record stands at 49 (the highest among women), while Presley is at whopping 104 (the most for men).They're also the leading female and male artist, respectively, with albums in the top 10--Madonna with 19 and Presley with 49. Additionally, Elvis tops the men's stamina list (not in the way you're thinking--get your mind out of the gutter) with a 50+ year long span of album chart-toppers, which Madonna shows the ladies how it's done with a 24+ year streak.  

2. Both Madonna and Elvis have 11 number one albums.
Their majesties are tied for the position of top solo artist with 11 number one albums. They trail slightly behind The Beatles, who hold the spot for the number one act in the world, with 15 chart-toppers.

1. Both have been involved in films that have won Golden Globes.
Ok, so admittedly, this is kinda a hokey one. But Madonna and Elvis' achievements outside the music industry deserve some recognition too, right? (Right.)
Madonna took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for her role in Evita (1996). A documentary on Elvis titled Elvis on Tour won Golden Globe hardware in 1973 for being the Best Documentary film. 


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