Have you played our Coachella scavenger hunt thingy?
Have you played our Coachella scavenger hunt thingy?
Jim Rugg / OC Weekly

Giddily Appraising Three Coachella Set-Time Conflicts

Watch this blog for periodic updates--at the least, there'll be a post for each of the three days. 

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If you're headed to Indio, we've rounded up three scheduling conflicts that are, well, full of conflict. One for each day. Here we go!

On Friday...

Passion Pit (7-7:50 Outdoor Theatre) vs. Gil-Scot Heron (6:55-7:55 Gobi): So this is the battle of the hyped up, ultra-cheesy, cool-in-2009-but-now-kind-of-played dance rock band versus the venerated, genius poet who helped birth hip hop. The choice seems obvious, right? RIGHT. Go see Passion Pit and chalk it up as a guilty pleasure--or say you misread your schedule.


Frightened Rabbit (2:45-3:35 Outdoor Theatre) vs. Girls (3:25-4:10 Gobi) vs. Camera Obscura (3:10-3:55 Mojave): Oh man, fey lovers of Pitchfork-approved, sensitive n' post-twee indie rock are in for some pain with this choice. That said, it's not hard to see all three if you're willing to run between 'em. Or just spend this period of the day getting a head start on your drinking. No one will judge you for missing the 60th revival of the '60s. (Note: Punchline does not apply to Frightened Rabbit). 


Pavement (7:45-8:55 Coachella Stage) vs. Phoenix (7:10-8:50, Outdoor Theatre): Theoretically, this shouldn't be hard. Ditch the last five minutes of Phoenix and see the reunited slacker-rock gods Pavement. However, Pavement goes on right after the very-lovable Spoon. The crowd at Coachella Stage is going to be enormous. If it's important to you to be close enough to Stephen Malkmus to smell his unwashed hair, just stake out a spot before Spoon and then stick around. We, however, really want to see Phoenix's "Lasso" live. So we're making a sacrifice to the desert gods hoping the Frenchies will play the song early, then jetting on over to the main stage. Voila.

Got worse dilemmas? Leave a comment!


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