Gettin' Made: Calling All Crafters!

The Orange County Fair is coming up, and with it comes a slew of opportunities for crafters all over California to get involved!

Gettin' Made: Calling All Crafters!

After the jump, all the details on how to get your work seen at the fair!

If you make stuff, and want that stuff to be seen by fair-goers of all ages this summer, a visit to should be on your list of to-dos. The website has a comprehensive listing of the categories you can enter - from the normal everyday Photography and Woodworking competitions, to the less-than-humdrum Homemade Beer category. There's some categories you can submit entries for online, and information on dates and times for help sessions where folks will guide you through the submission process!

 I chatted briefly with Deshani Florence from The O.C. Fair, and was able to get some further information - they're really hoping to have a great turnout this year, and I know the crafty community will oblige!

OC Weekly: Do folks need to be an OC resident to participate, or can people from neighboring areas like Los Angeles County apply?

Deshani Florence: The Jewelry Divisions are open to all California Residents. If more entries are received than there is space available, preference will be given to Orange County residents. Hand Crafts, Fiber Arts & Hobbies categories are open to Orange County Residents. The special interest competition Knots-of-Love is open to all.

OCW: Are any of these categories new for 2010? Which categories are typically the most popular in terms of number of participants/entrants?

DF: Our Competitions have many categories to choose from; popular categories include jewelry, quilts, scrap booking and crafts made from recycled materials. New this year is a competition for beaded items such as purses, flowers, and ornaments.

If you crave creative inspiration, enter our new theme competition, "Tea with a Twist".  Tea pots, tea cups, let your imagination go wild...  crafts entered here would feel right at home at the mad hatters tea party!

OCW: What are the entry fees like? Are there prizes?

DF: Adult Division: $5 per entry, Youth Division: $3 per entry for Hand Crafts, Hobbies, Jewelry, and Fiber Arts, basically all entries except Knots-Of-Love.

Prize Amounts:
Adult Awards: 1st place- $10
Division Winner- $35
Best of Show- $50
Judges' Award- Rosette (Jewelry)
Theme Award- Rosette (Craft/Hobby + Fiber Arts)

Youth Awards:
Division Winner- $25
Best of Show- $35
Judges' Award- Rosette (Jewelry)

OCW: Is there a limit on entries? Can people submit more than one piece in one category, and can they submit pieces to multiple categories?

DF: Quilts: Limit 1 per person

Hand Crafts & Hobbies, Fiber Arts
Entry Limit:
Adult Division: Maximum 5 total Crafts & Hobbies entries per person.
Youth Division: Maximum 3 total Crafts & Hobbies entries per person.

Entry Limit:
Maximum of 2 Jewelry Arts entries per person.

Entry Limit
-- you can submit more pieces for different categories.

OCW: What are the important dates folks need to be aware of?

DF: Hand Crafts, Hobbies, Fiber Arts, and Jewelry deadline to fill out an entry form online - Wednesday, May 26 by midnight.

Delivery of item - Friday, July 2; 7am-9pm

Pickup of item - Tuesday, August 17; Noon-7pm

The Dates of the fair are July 16- August 15

OCW: Are there any guidelines for the work? Should it follow the fair's theme, are there any things people should avoid submitting, or is there anything that would disqualify a piece from the competition?

DF: Yes, there are guidelines specific to each category, which can be found online at We make it very easy for people to get the information they need. You can find phone numbers online that will take you directly to the person in charge of the category, and you can also come to the fairgrounds and we will personally help you to sign up for a competition.


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