Free Ticket Tuesday: N.E.R.D. Prize Pack and Best Of Album

Free Ticket Tuesday: N.E.R.D. Prize Pack and Best Of Album

​It's Free Ticket Tuesday, and although we aren't giving away tickets this week, we are giving away something better: a N.E.R.D. bonus pack! Featuring 16 of the band's most popular songs, including b-sides and remixes, the prize pack consists of three albums: The Best of N.E.R.D, Fly or Die and In Search Of. If you're lucky, you will receive this great package. Also, four runners-up will receive the Best Of, so enter now!

N.E.R.D. was formed in 2001 by the Neptunes' pop/hip-hop collaborators Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shae Haley. Their debut album, In Search Of, was released globally in 2002 after being reworked with live instrumentation. The band's second album, Fly or Die, was released in 2004, and Best Of comes out today, so you get the drop on other rap-rock fiends.

Tell us what your favorite Neptunes/Pharrell production is and why, and be sure to leave your name and e-mail address.

The Best Of N.E.R.D [CD, digital]

1.   Rock Star [from In Search Of]
2.   Lapdance [from In Search Of]
3.   She Wants to Move [from Fly or Die]
4.   Provider [from In Search Of]
5.   Maybe [from Fly or Die]
6.   Fly or Die [from Fly or Die]
7.   Brain [from In Search Of]
8.   Thrasher [from Fly or Die]
9.   Run to the Sun [from In Search Of]
10.  Baby Doll [from In Search Of]
11.  What's Wrong With Me ["Lapdance" B-side]
12.  Lil' Suzy (featuring Kelis) ["Lapdance" B-side]
13.  Things Are Getting Better [from In Search Of]
14.  Truth or Dare (featuring Kelis and Pusha T) [from In Search Of]
15.  Maybe (Sander Kleinenberg Remix, radio edit) [from "Maybe" single]
16.  She Wants to Move (Justice Remix) [French single version of "She
Wants to Move"]


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