Dave Mau himself!
Dave Mau himself!
Kimberly Valenzuela

Free Food and Music at Memphis in Santa Ana Tonight

Two Wednesday ago, we checked out "Dinner with Dave"--Memphis Santa Ana's every-other-week offering of food and music. A quick review for you:

  • The chicken: good and moist. 
  • The rice: to be honest, kind of funky.
  • The music: hummable, dynamic folk from Big Bad Wolf

Rolled up with a few trips to the bar, it wasn't a bad way to spend a Wednesday night.

Tonight, it happens again, but with different menu and different tunes, as always. The band on tap is Skunk Angel, which, according to the press release we were sent, is "brand new." That's checks out, given that we can't even find a MySpace for the act. But even if Skunk Angel is as unpleasantly fragrent as their name suggests, we reiterate that there'll be free food. You only have your hunger to lose by going.

The start time is 9 p.m.


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