Martina McBride is performing at the OC Fair this year
Martina McBride is performing at the OC Fair this year

Four Acts To Consider This Week at the OC Fair

For those who got their first official taste of the OC Fair this weekend, we hope that our little take on this year's must-see (and must-miss) live shows was helpful. But in case you haven't read it yet--or it's found it's way to the the bottom of your birdcage--we'd like to remind you about the best and worst way to spend your money at the fairgrounds in Costa Mesa this week. Of course, this only relates to the live you decide to cut years off your life in the food lines is you own damn business. 

1) Martina Mc Bride July 22 at Pacific Amphitheater, 8 p.m.


Who Is She?: One of country's contemporary ballad queens with multi-platinum status and a  a streak of  crossover pop and Country Billboard hits in the '90s all the way through the '00s. She's a solid performer and still a surprisingly relevant act at age 43.

Price: $45/$55/$65/$75

Why Would You Pay to See This?: Well, despite the fact that contemporary country music isn't really the Weekly's forte, we can see how fans of her tear-jerking balladry and bubbly live show would seize the opportunity to see her live, especially since this is her only SoCal tour date and even we get a little choked up every time she sings semi-religious ballads like the one above. Call us soft. We don't care.

 Who Should See It?: Fun-loving soccer moms,  teen girl looking for a role model of female empowerment, and anyone who can stand watching the Country Music Channel for more than 20 minutes.

Who Should Skip It?: Men who can say "no" to their wives or girlfriends.

2) Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular, July 22 at the Hangar, 8:30 p.m.

Why Would You Pay To See This: Because lasers plus Pink Floyd equals amazing. Lame equation, but true nonetheless.

Price: $12.50

 Who Should See It?: Anyone who missed the Pink Floyd Experience or in need of a good place to enjoy their THC high without attracting attention from OC Fair security guards.

Who Should Skip It?: Anyone prone to motion sickness or patchouli-related allergies.

3) Ziggy Marley, Friday, July 23 with Common Sense at Pacific Amphitheater. 8 p.m.


Who Is He?: Bob Marley's oldest (and arguably most talented) son and leader or the Melody Makers.

Price: $19.50/$29.50/$49.50

Why Would You Pay to See This?: As a prolific creator of commercial reggae that still holds water with most of his father's rastafied followers, Marley's diverse mix of pop and roots reggae is quality music with a message whether your singing along with your family in the front row or getting high in the cheap seats. 

Who Should See It?: Anyone looking for a relatively PG reggae concert to take their kids to...before they decide to show them the real authentic stuff. 

Who Should Skip it?: People who'd rather find Jah love in a deep fried Twinkie.

4) Hotel California: A Salute to The Eagles, Friday July 23, at the Hangar. 8:30 p.m.


 Who Are They?: A highly tauted Eagles cover band with enough Eagles Hits in their repertoire to fill a dive bar full of juke boxes.

Price: $12.50

Why Would You Pay to See This?: You're an aging rocker who desperately wants to relive the magic of this hit-makin' American four piece.  And you've decided that the best way to turn back the clock is to watch a bunch of dudes with long hair and tight-leather pants rock out to your favorite tracks from The Long Run.

Who Should See It?: Anyone with a love for Don Henley and a lust for Zorro (chech out the lead singer's outfit).

Who Should Skip It?: Anyone under 40.


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