Except for the Descendents.
Except for the Descendents.

Five Reasons to Get Excited for the Descendents Reunion at Long Beach Arena

Any plans for April 7? If so, cancel them now. Melodic punk-rock stalwarts The Descendents will re-emerge from their hiatus to play their first show in the Los Angeles area in 14 years. They will open for Rise Against on a bill that also includes Bad Religion and Four Year Strong. Tickets go on sale Feb. 19. This is guaranteed to be a sold-out show. 

After the jump: Five pieces of video evidence why the Descendents rule so much.

1. "When I Get Old"

2. "Coolidge," live at PinkPop Festival, May 19, 1997

3. "Sour Grapes" and "Bikeage"



5. "I'm the One"


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