Father, I Want to Kill You

With Jim Morrison being dead and all—and with the Doors reunited with some other dude on lead vocals—it makes perfect sense to have a Jim Morrison Birthday Bash on Dec. 8. Had he not died in a bathtub in Paris, Morrison would be turning 63 on this very night, which is weird because six plus three equals nine, which is the exact number of letters in J. Morrison—and also the Doorss if you spell it with an extra S as I just did, meaning that he's not really dead after all, just living in South America and plotting his triumphant return to the stage. Seriously. Read the literature.

This year's birthday bash will be held at the J. Moore Gallery, where Long Beach photographer Jim Coke's pictures of the Doors' July 15, 1967, performance continue on display through next week. There's convenience for you. You should go, though! Coke had the very great good fortune to photograph the band at Devonshire Downs in Northridge—Morrison looking very modern in new leather pants and a worn T-shirt—the week before "Light My Fire" hit No. 1. This was after they'd been the house band at the Whisky in LA, but mere minutes before they captured the rest of the country's attention. And? Less than four years later, it was all over. Fame is quick. Take it from John Bolton.

Besides Coke's photographs—most of which are black-and-white with a few color slides thrown in—you'll be treated to a set by guitarist Mark Shark, who's played with Bob Dylan and Bonnie Raitt and singer/songwriter Chris Boyle. There are also T-shirts so you have something besides a headache by which to remember Morrison the next morning. Proceeds from their sales will benefit SurfAid International.

Jim Morrison Birthday Bash at J. Moore Gallery, 317 Main St., Seal Beach, (562) 430-8861. Thurs., Dec. 7, 7-10 p.m.


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