T-Pain and Taylor Swift
T-Pain and Taylor Swift

Eight Worst Hip Hop Collaborations

Last week, Cypress Hill released their single "Roll It, Light It" with  dubstep sensation Rusko,  and it wasn't pretty. This is not what hip-hop needed. With rap trending on a horrible downward spiral, we thought it would be a good time to name our eight worst hip-hop collaborations.

8. Cypress Hill and Rusko

To trendy dubstep enthusiasts: Guess what, it's not a Skrillex remix. Rusko has teamed up with South Gate's own to make the terrible sounding "Roll It, Light It." Dubstep is showing its unwanted crossover ability in this one.

7. Linkin Park and Jay Z

At the time Collision Course was released it was pretty impressive until you found out how it was made. Every hip hop/rap fan(what ever you want to be called) should be eating every dirty word said about electronic music. Yes this CD was touched up on each end, but any kid can make this album in their grungy garage.

6. Jason Aldean and Ludacris

Ludacris used his southern hospitality (pun intended) to complement Jason Aldean's cowboy-hop ditty on "Dirt Road Anthem." Awkwardness sinks in when you hear Aldean try to rap. The song gets even more awkward when you the phrase "Luda" as Ludacris enters the song. Did someone tell Ludacris that this wasn't for a movie?

5. Nelly and Tim McGraw

Thank God this song isn't playing over and over again. After releasing the mega hit "Country Grammar," it was only a matter of time before Nelly teamed up with country superstar Tim McGraw. "Over and Over" was not creative at all, with annoying Nelly "Uhs" and the phrase repeated over and over again throughout the entire song. But who can account for taste? Even with the annoying phrases and a whining McGraw, "Over and Over" shot to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard top 40 chart and No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

4. Taylor Swift and T-Pain

What what, I knit sweaters yo? "Thug Story" transforms country princess Taylor Swift into a thug when she collaborates with the AutoTune sensation T-Pain. The music video was used as an opening for the 2009 CMT (Country Music Television) Awards show. Instead of looking thug-ish, T-Swizzle looks like a bro-ho from Huntington Beach. Unfortunately the song is catchy because of Swift's overpowering white phrases like, "I knit sweaters yo," "In my extra small white tee" "You out clubbing, but I just made carmel delight" and "I'm so gangster you can find me backing cookies at night." The music gods must be raging.

3. Wyclef Jean and The Rock

"It doesn't matter!" Well, yes it does matter, because the Haitian prince, Wyclef Jean, made one of weirdest songs with WWE superstar, The Rock. Even-though "It Doesn't Matter" was released at the hight of the WWE's success, it was a decade too late. This video looks like a horrible set from a Master P video. The addition of '90s beats and the annoying sound of the Rock's voice did not help either. "It Doesn't Matter" was just too awkward to listen to, and annoying to look at. The Rock should stick to children's movies.

2. Anthrax and Public Enemy

Thrash metal, giant clock necklaces and hardcore stomping screams party right? "Bring The Noise" was an interesting, yet really weird collaboration with thrash metal's own Anthrax and hip-hop activists Public Enemy. This song was pretty catchy until Anthrax's Scott Ian starts to rap on the track. Not only is his rap flow awkward, but watching him rap is just plain laughable. Scott says, "Whatcha gonna do? Rap is not afraid of you. Beat is for Sonny Bono, beat is for Yoko Ono." If that is not weird, what is?

1. Limp Bizkit and Method Man

After releasing rap/rock hit "Nookie," Fred Durst decided to spit with hip-hop great Method Man. "N 2 gether Now" was a different side of Limp Bizkit , as it doesn't have any heavy guitar riffs or quirky bass lines. Durst tried to show his lyrical abilities with this song, but who told Fred Durst he could rap? Then Killah Bee Method Man snaps in to action with quick flows and catchy one-liners to save the day. Method might have saved the song, but the music video looked like a bro version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

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