"Boy should have known by now, Eazy does it."
"Boy should have known by now, Eazy does it."

Eazy-E, 'Eazy-Duz-It'

Editor's Note: Long Beach native Snoop Dogg, Priority's Creative Chairman, is overseeing the legendary label's 25th anniversary and their year-long catalog campaign starting with the Feb. 23 release of Snoop Dogg Presents: The West Coast Blueprint.  

Priority distributed for a number of independent record labels that played a key role in hip-hop history: Ruthless, No Limit Records and Death Row. "I'm going to show you where this gangsta rap came from, who the originators were, and how it got to where it is now," Snoop Dogg says in a statement. For the next couple weeks, Heard Mentality will be taking a track-by track look at the album.   

"Eazy-Duz It," Eazy-E

Eazy-E's 1988 solo debut disc Eazy-Duz-It came out just a month after N.W.A.'s game-changing album Straight Outta Compton and features basically the same cast. The title-track never charted as a single but remains one of the pioneering rapper's signature cuts. 

After telling a young girl singing his praises to "shut the fuck up" he asks Dr. Dre for a "funky ass bass line," which he delivers. Over it, Eazy explains what life is like as an alpha gangsta. He brags about pimping "bitches," selling rocks, doing time, winning at dice--and a shoot out. "He shot, then I shot, as you can see, I cold smoked his ass." 

The chorus features the famed line "Boy you should have known by now, Eazy does it." N.W.A.-ers MC Ren and Dre wrote the track but Eazy owns it, still sounding obnoxious, evil and impeccably badass more than two decades later.    


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