Dave Turturro, Gasoline Addicts vocalist, Cellular Technician

Photo by Jeannie Rice> All the Madmen. "These guys were born to provide aural stimulation and just might be David Bowie's missing children. They write everything from beautifully tragic love songs to psychotic thrillers, all ripe with lush landscapes and bittersweet harmonies. I especially enjoy 'Quarter Roy' and 'Earl Sheib' off their Teenage American Style album. Somebody please give these guys a deal—it's been too long."

> Senza Motiva. "If you enjoy pop, salsa, and rock & roll, these guys will feed all your needs. Wonderfully written songs of youth and adulthood, matched with funkified rhythms and a good dose of horns. Great musicians, fun live shows and some of the hardest-working promoters I've seen in a while. There's no telling how far they'll go, so check 'em out now."

> The Murder City Devils. "I first came across the Murder City Devils at Moby Disc in Costa Mesa. One listen and I was hooked! Boom-bastic rock & roll, just bleeding with thick riffs, with vocals from another world, ominous organs and fire-breathing guitars. Caught them live—unbelievable!"

> Mirainga. "Love these guys, a fun Latin thing played by great musicians. Vocals and harmonies blended with funky grooves, horns, timbales and guitars that breathe south-of-the-border—stuff that makes you want to get up and cha-cha or samba. They just keep getting better. Their new album, Nueva, is out there but not officially released yet. Release it already, damn it!"

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> The Lunachicks. "This unit is as tight as it gets. Ladies who pound the rock into your face, eat you up and spit you out. They've been around for some time now, and I don't think they've really received the praise they deserve."

> The Supersuckers. "If you haven't heard of these gentlemen of eternal burn, go find something of theirs—anything. They've also been around forever, and every record oozes with AC/DC, ZZ Top and even Willie Nelson. You just gotta see 'em live, and see 'em rip!"

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