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Coachella: We Are Augustines on Preparing for Indio and Geeking out to Radiohead

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We Are Augustines' bassist Eric Sanderson says Coachella's second weekend is "much hotter and much sweatier," but playing the festival twice doesn't bother the Brooklyn band at all. Sanderson, along with drummer Rob Allen, hit the stage today. They talk to us about how they prepared for the festival and what it's like to geek out to Radiohead.

OC Weekly: Is it weird to play the same festival again one week later?

Eric Sanderson: No, not at all. We really like it.

Will you be changing your set list up at all?
Rob Allen: Thinking about it, looking to change it up a bit to make things more interesting.

Out of all the bands playing the festival, who were/are you most excited to see?
Allen: I was most excited to see Radiohead only because I have never seen them and I've grew up with them.
Sanderson: Buzzcocks and Bon Iver. I'm excited to see Jeff Mangum on [today].

Were there any performances that you stumbled upon that really wowed you?
Sanderson:  The Buzzcocks. I didn't even know they were playing. They were phenomenon. If anyone hasn't seen them, they need to go and check them out.

How did you guys prepare yourselves for Coachella?
Sanderson: Five weeks straight on the road playing every night.
Allen: Production mostly. You have to make sure your team knows what their doing. You only get a short amount of time to play with no sound checks.
Sanderson: Everyday in the van after a show, you talk about the show and the different ways you can improve upon it. Our tour manager that we have right now has a lot of festival experience, so he was helping us out The stage is much larger and there are no sound checks like in a theater or club show.

Because this was Coachella, were you nervous about playing?
Allen: Excited, not nervous.

You just played live on television, how was this different versus a normal show?
Sanderson: It's the same. Whether you're playing at Coachella in front of 5,000 people or you're playing in a small club in front of 700 people, or a television performance, we're all going out and doing the same thing and performing the songs. It's really the same thing. Just the technical aspect changes. You go and perform your best and try to connect with the audience you're playing to.

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