Yup. That guy.
Yup. That guy.
Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly

Coachella 2010: All Our Coverage, Plus Final Thoughts

Two bands you like scheduled at the same time? Try to catch both of 'em. Some act not play the song you wanted to hear? Whatever, dance to the songs you don't know. The shabbily and strangely dressed throngs at Coachella seemed to mostly all live by the same philosophy: Now that you're here, you better enjoy it.

And so we saw frustrated hipsters turning the first day's molasses-quick entrance to the festival into a joke by mooing like a human herd. MGMT fans who didn't get to hear "Kids" bobbed their heads all the same. Technical difficulties during Deerhunter's set turned into a priceless, improvised ode to Coachella. The weekend's slogan could have been "turning lemons into delicious frozen lemonade." 

That's not to say there weren't plenty of times over the weekend when there were no hurdles to having a great time. Acts as huge as Jay-Z and as up-and-coming as OC's Local Natives could be found nearly every hour of the day giving it their considerable all.

Another cool thing: The weather wasn't too, too hot. A lot of the time, the temperature was in the 80s and breezy.

Click the links below to relive and catch up with our coverage from the past weekend.


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