Chiefsons, OC's Flowin' Samoans, Release 'Xpect Thee Unxpected'

Chiefsons, OC's Flowin' Samoans, Release 'Xpect Thee Unxpected'

Bigryzn and Moshpit of the Chiefsons, noted by the Weekly as the Best Hip-Hop Act last year, are making more noise in 2012. As the Samoan band of brothers ready for an upcoming LP, Moshpit released a new video today for "Xpect Thee Unxpected." It showcases the Chiefsons raw street underground grind with hard hitting beats and rhymes that set them far apart from rest. Moshpit, a Samoan Santanero, reps his city of SanTana with such lyrical intensity it's no wonder these cats used to be known as ADRENALINE BROTHUZ back in the day.

The drop date of "Xpect Thee Unxpected" has a very personal meaning for the group. It was released in memory of their


(cousin) who was born on this day but has since passed away. As the song comes to a close and the video fades to black, Bigryzn steps up and appears onscreen with the text "To Be Continued..."Another video featuring the other half of the Chiefsons is on its way.

If you don't know, now you know, but y'all still ain't ready!

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