Bobby Amodeo

Photo by Jeanne Rice
Models: Andrea Vivian, Rhonda KamakaAmodeo is the former lead singer of Wank/current singer of OC supergroup Adult Video, active partner in Amodeo/ Kaufman/Amodeo Entertainment (a music-management company based in OC), CEO of Outlaw Entertainment Group (an OC-based booking agency), talent buyer and booking agent for Linda's Doll Hut, Current Cancer Patient at UCI Medical in Orange and, without a doubt, the most eligible bachelor in Orange County, if not the world


> All the Madmen, Twinstar Radio. Probably the most must-see band in OC. All the Madmen keep it going with another fantastic record. From gorgeous vocals to well-crafted songs, this album has it all. In the genius words of Spider Amodeo, "Rock foo young and pop on a stick—these guys are gonna leave you full!" I couldn't have said it better myself.

> Linda's Doll Hut. The only true rock club still standing in OC. I've seen everyone from Lee Rocker to L7 at the Hut. The atmosphere is electric and welcoming to all—the biggest littlest club in OC. If you haven't been to the Hut yet, then put down your California roll and come feast on some punk rock.

> Caf Ruba in Costa Mesa. The cool thing is this coffeehouse's club atmosphere. You can drink coffee, hang out, shoot pool, listen to music on their rockin' system, or even watch musicians like Jay Buchanan. From the owners to the employees, they've got this place dialed. Oh, yeah—keep your filthy paws off Jessica Cassell 'cause she's in love with me. Can you blame her?

> Jay Buchanan. What can I say about Jay that everyone doesn't already know? Nothing like you've ever heard that's come out of OC. The only way to describe him is "magical." If you haven't seen Jay and his amazing band yet, do yourself a favor and step up!

> Foxy. If you were ever a fan of the Avengers or X, you'll love OC's Foxy. Stacked with veteran players in the scene, Foxy will bring you to a rock & roll orgasm. Hard-driving and fun as F#@%$, these kids know how to do it, and they do it with style. Foxy definitely gets my vote for best new band.

> Transmission OK (live at the Doll Hut). Fronting the band is veteran Blues Saraceno, so I was obviously curious to check them out. These guys were flawless. Hard-hitting pop-rock with a solid backbone, strong vocals and rockin' songs—they'll definitely go a long way. Apparently their first album just got released, and I'm on my way right now to get it.

> Blockage (live at Club Mesa). If you were ever a fan of Generation X or SLF, go see Blockage. I've seen so many just-okay punk bands in my life that when I see a real one, it sticks out. Blockage were fun, energetic and seriously tight. Great hooks and flowing harmonies brought me back to my wild youth, listening to bands like the Adolescents and playing with my bros in 999. Thanks again, Blockage!

> Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings. I rarely get to see these guys 'cause they're always on the road, but whenever I see that they're in town, without question I'm there. I've been a fan of good pop songs for as long as I can remember, and Walter and the boys can write great pop songs. They're a blast to see live, and every song has got a hook that'll keep you singing through the night. In the words of my ol' buddy Joe from the Clash, "Bobby, there ain't nothin' wrong with a good pop song; nothin', I say." Well, Joe, you couldn't be more right—and Walter, you couldn't be more right on!


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