Big Stupid Fun


Any other time, particularly when we're on one of our hate-everything benders, we'd probably ignore a thing like Sanchez. But—lucky them—our happy pills are working great, and we can proclaim this to be what it truly is, at least this week: the Greatest Music Ever Recorded In Human History. It's 10 short-attention-span songs stuffed into an 18-minute album, crafted by two guys—Huaco and Sly J. Freeze, whoever they really are—on just guitar and drums. And yeah, it is kinda like the White Stripes in that sense, if the White Stripes ditched the blues for ugly heavy metal and were caught jamming with Andrew WK at Wesley Willis' funeral. The whole thing is big, stupid, anyone-can-do-it fun (and really, it often sounds like they learned how to play instruments just last Tuesday, but in a good way). Witness "Die," with its transcendent chorus of "Die motherfucker!/Die motherfucker!/ Die motherfucker!/Die!"—all set to an apt grind and growl. Experience the majesty of "Dick," with its incessant, tribal drumbeat and its one-note riff as Huaco chants, "Dick! Dick! Dick! DICK CHENEY!" and pays homage to other famous Dicks as well (but alas, no Nixon?). On "Muhammad Ali" (key line: "Muhammad Ali!/Muhammad Ali!/Gonna get fucked-up!/Like Muhammad Ali!") and the cartoon misogyny of "Roofie Rampage" and "Party Till She's Pretty," all Sanchez basically want to do is get laid and loaded. Yet elsewhere, they indeed go deeper, even political: Why, for instance, does the girl in "Party Till She's Pretty" have "a face like Chairman Mao?" And in "Rabbits," we wondered, what was the socio-economic environment that led to the hated furballs being not only marked for lyrical death, but labeled "communist" as well? Maybe we just ask too many questions? One glaring error, though: in "OC Riot," they totally blow an obvious rhyme, pairing "Riot on the beach! Riot on the sand!" with "minivan!" The word is "Disneyland," kids.


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