Avicii: "In Buddhism it means the lowest level of hell"

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At 22, Swedish producer and DJ Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, has done more in the electronic dance music world than most hope to accomplish in a lifetime. Bergling, who started tinkering with music at 18, says, "I always wanted to make music or find an outlet for creativity somewhere. I had dabbled with guitars and piano but was never particularly good at it." After a friend showed him a computer program "which allowed me to draw melodies like a piano I was hooked," he adds.

Bergling was discovered by Ash Pournouri, his now manager and owner of At Night Management. "I was just trying to get my name out any way I could so I would post my music on blogs everywhere," he says. They met over email; a coffee meeting later, Bergling and Ash began to create what is now Avicii. "In Buddhism it means the lowest level of hell," he says of his DJ name. "I was honestly just looking for a MySpace name and had remembered the word Avicii from a friend. It just sounded cool," he adds.

Together the two have worked tirelessly to get Avicii's unique music in the right hands and place him in the forefront of dance music worldwide. His debut single "Seek Bromance" reached the top 20 in several countries including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden. He began to produce hit after hit, remixes and collaborations instantly growing in popularity and super stardom. "I trust [Ash] 100 percent. He has never let me down. That trust is what makes our team so successful," says Bergling of their partnership.

"I get to Ultra and see my face on a giant bus or ice cream truck and go wow," explains Bergling. Pournouri has done an amazing job at marketing Avicii and keeping him connected with fans. From free pins and bags that say "I Avicii" to billboards with his face as you drive home from Coachella, Avicii is everywhere. The success of "Levels" which won an International Dance Music Award for "Best Electro/Tech House Track" this year also took his fame to the next level. With an astounding 20 million hits on YouTube before its official release, "Levels" has proven to be the dance anthem of the year!

On Sunday, Avicii headlines the Sahara Tent at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival  on a stage which his influences and now peers like Daft Punk and Madonna once played. "It's huge! I've been looking forward to this for such a long time," says Tim. While being a bit nervous going against Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog, "the energy was great and I had a great time," Bergling says.

This weekend, fans can expect even more from Avicii and his team. "Logistically we couldn't premiere all the production on week one. This week we will really get to share all the stuff we have been rehearsing and working on. I'm looking forward to that the most," he says excitedly. When asked who he would want to hologram on stage with him for a duo he says, "I don't usually dance but I would dance with Michael Jackson on stage!"

As if headlining massive festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival and Coachella weren't enough, the young artists is about to embark on his own AVICII - LE7ELS tour. "This is the first time that I am touring with this new production. It's going to be a really different experience than any other EDM show," explains Bergling. Avicii is set to become the first EDM artist to headline an all arena tour of North America, which is promoted by Goldenvoice and kicks off May 17th at the Houston, Texas Reliant Arena. 

"This is really next level shit with only huge venues! My manager has been working really hard to get this together and I could not be more excited," he adds. With all his success it is no question Avicii has earned his No. 6 spot in the DJ Magazine top 100 poll and stands shoulder-to shoulder with the most in demand DJs in the world. We can only look forward to what else Avicii has in store.


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