Time to answer the call, and rock the fuck out!
Time to answer the call, and rock the fuck out!

Are You Musician Enough to Accept OC Weekly's Great Cover Song Challenge?

Hey Orange County musicians! If we asked you to agree to cover a song, without knowing in advance what song or even what artist, would you be brave enough to do it? I mean, we're not calling you chicken or anything – you gotta do YOU, y'know? – but if you think you have the guts to take on the challenge, then message the contest coordinator and long-time Weekly contributor Victor Infante (or email him at victor.infante@gmail.com) on July 25 and he'll give you a song and fill you in on the details: But be warned … the last time Victor did this, the subject was Phil Collins … what on Earth could he have in store next!?!?

There aren't many rules: The artist/band will be given a song to cover. They will have no say in the matter, and the choice cannot be appealed.

The artist/band will record a cover of the song in any manner they deem fit, with an eye for finding some way to uncover the good in the song. ANYONE can mock a bad song, but finding someway to make an ostensibly bad song awesome? THAT'S a challenge!

The artist/band will upload the cover to someplace with an embeddable player — Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, et al — by Aug. 25. Victor will write about the pieces afterward for OC Weekly.
So c'mon. What's the worst that can happen?


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