No, just print magazines
No, just print magazines

Another One Bites the Dust: Paste Magazine Suspends Print Publication

In case you haven't heard by now, dead tree journalism has suffered another, ah, death in the family.  Yesterday, Paste Magazine--one of Decatur Georgia's finest exports since 2002-- announced that their glossy print edition is officially shuttered due to the crippling ad market. With all the music blogs buzzing with 


 information about how the mags employees were given two hours to clean out their desks, you can't help wanting to spill a little bit of your 40oz on the sidewalk for all the talented editorial voices that are now thrown into the ever-swelling ocean of jobless journos. That being said, we do glean some hope from the fact that their online edition is still alive. We pasted (pardon the pun) the magazine's own words on the matter below. 

Paste Magazine Suspends Print Publication 
Today Paste Media Group announces, with deepest sadness, the suspension of the Paste magazine print product.
Struggles with mounting debt were made public last year when our readers responded with generosity to save the magazine. But the prolonged downturn of the ad market has forced a hiatus. All subscribers have access to the digital version of their magazines through the June/July issue on Paste, while considering strategic alternatives, is focusing on its digital assets, including
We thank all of those who have shown such tremendous support to a vision of independent media focused on Signs of Life in Music, Film & Culture, including subscribers, advertisers, writers, photographers, illustrators, publicists, record labels, movie studios, book & game publishers and others in the press.


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